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November 20, 2011
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sai - default brushes and textures by Youkomi sai - default brushes and textures by Youkomi
A little pack with all my style brushes and textures for Paint Tool Sai that I had when I first installed Paint Tool SAI in my computer.
I hope this will help you :)



1 - I had a problem with the brushes! Where I supposed to put them all cause, where I put them aren´t appearing at all? No new texture or brushes showed up?
In the folder in your hard drive where all the Paint Tool SAI files are kept there are folders called “elemap”, “blotmap”, etc. The same folder names are in the pack. Just drag the files, one to one, if it need, from the corresponding folder of the pack to the one in your hard drive folder.
On windows, it may be possible that you need to be the administrator of your computer.

2 - What do you mean by corresponding folders? I tried copying and pasting but it didn't work!
In SAI program folders, you should have “botmap” “papertext” folders, just copy and past in the correct folder. If you just copy and past files without updating .CONF files, then don’t forgot to copy its name into “brushtext.CONF” or “brushform.CONF” in the SAI program folder ^^ (open those files with Notepad). After that, please, use “start-sai.EXE” to launch SAI.

3 - I don't see my Installation Folder. Help, please? Where am I supposed to be able to find it?
Your installation folder must be where you have unzipped the SAI Installation or in your hard drive. I can just advice you to do a search on your hard drive to find it.

4 - Why can't I make modifications for textures or brushes? (by ~christelaln)
This is mostly for information purpose, those who have free edition of SAI are unable to make modifications for brushes and/or textures.
According to ~ChameleonGirl-Andrea, it would work for the free version. So, see with your respective versions of SAI, but please, paid attention and take your precautions before any changes.

5 - Why this pack adds nothing new to me?
This pack contains my brushes and textures by default, so if you have a good starting SAI, this package will not help you.

6 - On Mac, I try to drag files into the already existing folders. However, when I try that, it won’t copy over. Why?
For Mac, I do not know much, because although I have a Mac, I have not installed SAI on it. If SAI is just a file with several folders (like on windows), may I ask you to check that the permissions (cmd + i) of your file and subfolders are in "read and write" mode for all users.

7 - I have SAI for mac but I don’t have any type of folder, just the “.APP”. Is there a way to fix that or...?
On mac, when you are in the application folder, you have to click on the icon of your application, then on "Display Package Contents". It allows you to view the contents of your application. After I do not know if you will have the same folders than windows version but I still hope for you :)

8 - Nothing happens when I click that pic!
All you do is click the download button at the top right of this page and you extract the files. For more explanation, read the description.

9 - How do u unzip a .ZIP file?
Normally, it depend of your OS but sometimes you will need to install an unzip software like “7-zip” or “WinRAR”. It will unzip your file in the same folder as your .RAR or .ZIP. You have plenty of free software for that. Mine on windows is “iZarc”. Totally free!

10 - I'm missing (simple circle). Where can i download that?
You can't donwload (simple circle) because it'is the default brush in SAI, so you can't missing it in your SAI instalation.
But sometime (simple circle) is called [none] in other versions of SAI.

11 - How can I add the textures only and not the default brushes please ?
To add brushes textures, you have four thing to do: first, close SAI. Then, add your "nameTexture.bmp" file in the "brushtex" folder. Think to modify the file "brushtex.conf" and add a new line : "1,brushtexnameTexture.bmp" before saving the file. To finish, restart SAI.

12 - Your file gave my laptop a virus and made it shut down? Could you check it please?
On two different laptops, I checked, analysed and unzip the file, and yet, no virus was detected. So check that you have antivirus software on you laptop! It may be something unrelated to my file.

The video tutorial and FAQ are here to help you. I can't do more than that to guide you.
And please, remember to save your files before starting any change. I will not be responsible for errors after installation.
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interupt-adolescence Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
thank you
jongluminati Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!
Dracularah Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh, I'm so sorry for commenting on this so many times, but I'm stuck again. I finally did everything correctly but when I start Sai it takes me to it but says "trial has expired." It is weird because I have the purchased version of sai but whenever I start it from the folder like from the video it takes me to an expired trial version of Sai. Can you help me please? Thank you very much.
interupt-adolescence Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
did you try opening sai from where it was, when you first bought it?
Dracularah Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I tried both. I tried opening like the way in the video with the 'start sai' file, and that was the one where it takes me to an expired version of sai. I think it's a duplicate file of Sai. 

If I open it like I normally do (regular file), or by the shortcut, or at the Start menu, it just takes me to the Sai I already had, which is permanent and not expired. 

So the problem is that the duplicate Sai opened by the 'start' file has all of those brushes I just installed; they only installed to the fake Sai. I even used the correct folders when installing so that's not the problem.
Dracularah Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nevermind- I figured it out. So sorry and thank you for this! 
Dracularah Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate being a total downer, but I tried watching the video and as easy as everyone says it seems, the footage is blurry and I can't see exactly what files you're in and where to go, unfortunately. Maybe it's just my computer. :(

Do you have a written tutorial of this? I tried following the video but it was hard for me because I'm an over-thinker and I'm lost because I just can't read any of the small print because of the video's quality. I understand that you must be tired of questions about this but either I overlooked something or I'm just confused.
Morcal Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
Cheers <3
Jenla96 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ths you so much <3
i downloaded sai but it can't open because I'm missing the "sfl.dll" file. What do I do?
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